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“The resulting spirit is a 125.8-proof balanced, yet profoundly complex whiskey featuring strong notes of sweet dark caramel, warm bread, and intense vanilla.”

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Deschutes Brewery + Crater Lake Spirits release Single Barrel Cask Strength Black Butte Whiskey

“… I believe I’ve fallen in love with Black Butte Whiskey. I don’t care what it costs, this is one you don’t want to pass up given the opportunity, and that’s a slam-dunk Bottle rating”.

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Crater Lake Spirits Whiskey Reviews & Tasting Notes

“The ryegrass is much more evident in the mouth than in the nose, but it’s still subtle all things considered. Interestingly, I taste candy corn, along with cinnamon, pecan pie, and what comes across as a mesquite-wood flavor”. (Article continued here)

The Whiskey Wash / SCOTT BERNARD NELSON / August 5, 2022

Whiskey Review: Crater Lake Estate Rye Whiskey

“Crater Lake and Deschutes make quite the team in the Central Oregon wilderness as they continue to innovate off each other. Padilla says this isn’t the end of innovation with Crater Lake Spirits. They are planning on higher age statements, a barrel proof expression of the Black Butte Whiskey, and even experimenting with juniper (which grows wild in Bend) to create some smoked malts in the near future (though he gave me no timeline, saying “we don’t rush products here”).” [Article Continued Here]

The Whiskey Wash / CHARLES STEELE / July 16, 2022

Whiskey Review: Crater Lake Spirits Black Butte Whiskey 2022 Release

“The cucumber julep is a fun spin on a classic cocktail. By replacing the traditional bourbon with vodka and adding cucumber, this drink is instantly transformed into a light, easy sipper.” [Article Continued Here]

Harper's Bazarre / GABRIELLE NICOLE PHARMS / July 8, 2022

Refresh and Unwind with 15 Cool Summer Cocktails

“In the end, the best thing a supplier can do is provide quality products at reasonable prices at create awareness. “If the customers love your product, then the retailer benefits,” said Dietrich. ‘Beyond that, it is all about the relationship.'” [Article Continued Here]

Bar & Restaurant / Erin Flynn Jay / July 7, 2022

Exploring the Relationship Between Beverage Suppliers and On-Premise Buyers

“Named for one of Oregon’s best-known natural wonders, Crater Lake Spirits gives a nod to America’s pre-prohibition era with its traditional gin infused with wild, handpicked juniper berries.” [Article Continued Here]

Forbes / ELIZABETH BROWNFIELD / June 11, 2022

Exceptional Gins To Drink On World Gin Day And Beyond

“Crafting cocktails with love is a wonderful way to make Mom feel special. Crater Lake Spirits are handcrafted in Bend with locally-sourced ingredients. Farm to bottle, each is hand-marked with its own unique batch number to guarantee its authenticity and craftsmanship. We tried the Vodka, Prohibition Gin and Sweet Ginger Vodka. I won’t claim to be any kind of bartender or mixologist, but special skills aren’t required to enjoy these spirits.” [Learn More Here]

Oregon Family Magazine / KELLI MATTHEWS / April 19, 2022

Mother's Day Gift Guide

An Oregon collab between Bendistillery and Deschutes Brewery producing a nice, beer-reminiscent dram.

“… I really like this nose. That is chocolate, rich chocolate, dry wood oil, whipped cream on the chocolate… And then there’s like this fresh character, along with [the] whipped cream and chocolate… I would say oranges/sweet eucalyptus. I really like this.” [Watch the Video Here]

Whiskey Vault / DANIEL AND REX / October 5, 2021

Black Butte Malt Whiskey Review

Alan Dietrich, CEO of Crater Lake Spirits in Bend, Ore., which has two tasting rooms catering to tourists who come to the area, said he’s seen an explosion in demand since pandemic restrictions were fully lifted ahead of the Fourth of July.

“Every minute we’re open, we’re seeing people coming in,” he said. “People have been locked down for the last 14 months, they’re dying for something to do. The limiting factor is just staff.” [Article Continued Here]

Associated Press / MAE ANDERSON / July 22, 2021

Small businesses lifted by return of summer tourists

20. Sample mini cocktails // If you’re more of a fan of spirits than beer, Crater Lake Spirits is worth a visit. They are known for their mini cocktails, where they whip up delicious concoctions for you to try. 

There are two locations: the downtown tasting room and the distillery, which is located in Tumalo – about 15 minutes from downtown….

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Two Wandering Soles / Katie Diederichs / May 19, 2021

33 Fun Things to do in Bend, Oregon

Vodka remains far and away the most consumed category of spirit in the United States. But although it accounts for one-third of all spirits sales (according to Nielsen)—with whiskey a distant second at 25 percent—vodka has been on a slow and steady decline for over a decade, according to data from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. And it rarely enjoys the top-shelf placement of, say, craft gin or Japanese whisky. [Article Continued Here]

SevenFiftyDaily / Brad Japhe / June 21, 2021

Vodka’s Neutral Days Are Over

Last spring, distilleries across Oregon teamed up to produce hand sanitizer amid a national shortage driven by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, many of those same distilleries have hundreds of gallons leftover. In some cases, the switch to sanitizer resulted in a loss of thousands of dollars.

We spoke to multiple distilleries that started making hand sanitizer last spring and each one said they are mostly moving away from the sanitizer business. [Article Continued Here]

KGW8 / Andrew Dorn / June 10, 2021

Switch to Hand Sanitizer Cost Some Oregon Distilleries Thousands

When the founders of Crater Lake Spirits first began their company, their mission was simple: Live in the mountains and make great spirits. That was 1996. Now, 25 years later, the spirits producer has experienced exponential growth, but it has continued to stick to its roots, with a focus on celebrating and supporting local. [Article Continued Here]

Sip Magazine / Molly Allen

Forever Craft and Celebrating Local: Crater Lake Spirits Marks 25 Years

Bend may be a city known for its craft beer, but that does not stop the local entrepreneurs at Crater Lake Spirits from making some of the city’s best craft spirits. No one wants to spend their vacation stuck with a cocktail made of cheap brand spirits and mixers. Instead, you want something produced by individuals who love the industry! [Article Continued Here]

Arrived: Your Vacation Rental Destination

Recently Deschutes Brewery and Bendistillery’s Crater Lake Spirits came together on the release of a new version of its popular whiskey, Black Butte Whiskey 5 Year.

Originally released in 2016 as a very limited run three-year-old whiskey, the new version receives an additional two years of aging and this pays dividends. From sampling this new, enhanced five-year aged whiskey, we can definitely say that it’s one worthy of adding to your whiskey library. [Article Continued Here]

Brew Public

Whiskey Wednesday – Black Butte Whiskey 5-Year from Deschutes Brewery and Bendistillery

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing, ice-cold cocktail at the end of a hot day. And here in Central Oregon, where we get plenty of sunshine this time of year and through the summer, there are plenty of local watering holes to choose from. The hip town of Bend is dotted with cocktail bars, lounges and secretive speakeasy-esque locales, all serving up some of the best drinks around. [Article Continued Here]

The Local Arrow

The 8 Best Cocktail Bars in Bend, Oregon


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